Space Age Restaurant . . . and BAR!!! Gila Bend, AZ

Space Age Restaurant and BAR!


Oh-Re-Ganno’s, or so it was called. Oregano’s is just a other place . . . for pizza.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro 🍆🍆🍆 A nice Chicago style pie, meaty wings and a cold beer on the patio. The Chicago pie does not quite hold up to other Chicago pies I have written about in the Tucson area, but it was still good and plentiful. I wanted to smoke a cigar with my beer on […]

Mendocino Farms sandwich market.

Mendocino Farms sandwich market. I was initially told “but don’t order the salads, they have a bunch of stuff that doesn’t belong in a salad”. So I ordered a couple of sandwiches that were complimentary from a grand opening of the Yoga 6 Bressi Ranch location. We were initially alarmed by a very busy restaurant. […]

Nunken Droodle and Kraw Pao – T1O (Tee One Oh!)

What the heck? How do you come up with that kind of silly talk. I was told’ “you gotta check out their Drunken Noodle”. I was told that by two people. I also tried something called Kraw Pao. I must have spent an extra 3 minutes trying to figure out what was in the dish […]

The coolest bunny ever.

So we’re traveling to Los Angeles for Easter with the in-laws. We leave just before lunch-time and decide to get our Tommy’s on, since they serve  a tamale with their famous chili. I, on the other hand, opted to get my serious Tommy’s fix so I ordered the double. If you know Tommy’s, then you […]

Subconscious act – Chilitos

How did I see the name? I passed the place a few days ago and read something like “Chilitil’s. I guess that’s what it looks like. Well, Jose changed the look of the logo. I’m glad he decided to change his logo, now with the red chili’s vice the green. He almost completely reversed the […]