“You’re so vain – I bet you think this restaurant is for you.”

“Dad, is that a 6 or an 8…?’, the young latina tells of her story to help her father balance his books at the family restaurant. “My father owns his own restaurant; and when all of the other similar restaurants in the area have already failed and closed, his remains open”. “It’s because he has good morals, people bring […]

Mambos – Glendale, CA – Guy Fieri’s “Triple D”

Just outside of Los Angeles, Mambos http://mambosla.com/ was found by us desiring to eat at one of Guy Fieri’s “Diners Drive-in’s and Dives”. We were internet surfing on the way through LA. It was kinda fun exploring something new and in a new way to us (i.e. surfing the internet while en-route) Went there for a […]

The Broken Yolk – San Marcos, CA

Great BIG menu for breakfast and lunch. Must have had 20 omelets on there. Also discovered that they offered a limited bar/beer menu. Bloody Mary for Sunday breakfast…hell yeah! I though it unusual for them to have about 10 TV’s all with sports playing. Food was good…just not standout, freakin’ remarkably good. Great service…and phone ahead waiting […]

Movie time

At school watching movie number two about wines. Might be ready to start the vines at the house. I’m a friggin expert now. First movie last week was an entertaining story about a California winery starting in 1970’s I think. They become he first world class (France) winner from California. Movie name: Bottle Shock Rating: […]

Eating, school, food and restaurants – don’t I have enough to do?

Ok, so I’m still trying to learn this blogging thing. Everytime I turn around, I’m finding something else that annoys me, like succumbing to a different BBQ house that happened upon us. The story goes like this. My wife, kids and I had spent the morning doing yard work and a variety of “honey-do’s”. My […]