The Joy of American Food

How true and yet so funny – found this and had to repost.   How To Eat Like A God-Damn American (Just In Time For Thanksgiving) 4 months ago by FHM Our resident food columnist, DJ BBQ, tells us why it’s time us Brits started eating like Americans: β€œAs far as I’m concerned American […]

The night I met Billy Blazes. Joe Torrillo. A story about 9/11. met this guy on 9/11/2015. I happened upon him at The Gopher Hole that is directly next door to Tuscany Hills Retreat/Resort . . . or whatever it’s called just off the 15 freeway at the Castle Creek Country Club. His friend (another retired fireman from NY) tells me to get my recorder ready. […]

The beer bong. An emotional education about water conservation.

A recent walk with a workmate . . . while enduring extremely tough working conditions (I hate these days), we had entered a discussion about creating yet another course for educating those persons in our work structure about environmental programs. It’s what I do, so I’m usually always inviting the creative ways of thinking, educating […]

Exploring Italy’s regional cuisines . . . and then some. Part 4; Florence (Firenza), Tuscany.

I’m absolutely sure I could not culminate this wonderful Italian vacation in any other way than an art-filled and historic tour of Florence in the Tuscany region. The wife and I were looking forward to trying some new cuisine of Italy, more specifically the cuisines of Tuscany. This desire made for some interesting self-tours and more wonderful […]

Exploring Italy’s regional cuisines . . . and then some. Part 3; Sorrento, Campania.

We enjoyed a three-hour luxury bus ride atop of the upper deck from Bari into Naples for an overnighter where we did enjoy a Naples pizza; but the next 5 days were spent touring a large area of the Campania coastal region while staying in Sorrento, Italy (highly recommended).  The pizza in this region was often times different than […]

Exploring Italy’s regional cuisines . . . and then some. Part 2; Bari, Apulia.

Our first adventure on the 160mph high-speed rail system in Europe was our ride from Rome into Bari, Italy; and is where this story begins. The high speed rail system is available to European travelers in, what appeared to be, 3 different luxury rail providers. At one point or another, we rode all three. I didn’t know […]

Exploring Italy’s regional cuisines . . . and then some. Part 1; Rome, Lazio.

Having attended culinary school, I had learned about the various regional cuisines of Italy. The wife had finally decided she was going to jump at the chance for us to attend our Grandson’s destination baptism in the birthplace of our in-law’s family. Molfetta, Italy is a small fishing town along the Adriatic sea, just north of […]

Understanding An American Warrior – a story from a guy named Dennis

I’ve recently found that I embrace conversation with prior military service members about the things they, we or I did while in the service. I’ve also come to realize that not just the military service members are the only ones with stories to tell. These stories are not only worth hearing, the stories are also worth telling. Just listen […]