“Black ‘n’ Tan” – Lake Havasu City, AZ

I started this adventure with the desert road trip...across many miles of dead scorpions and hovering buzzards. Yes..., I finally get to stop for a cold one. Tonight our first stop was at the southern most establishment worth a stop...plus the gang was all going to meet there first. Upon arrival, I had soon met the Chef [...]

Consumed – with the industry.

Finding that right place to eat...you know you won't just settle for just anything. It kinda sucks, because you think your trained a bit; enough to distinguish better...or the best, and you don't want to let any of your family, friends or co-workers down. You recommend...perhaps a flop...perhaps not! This doesn't happen all the time, but [...]

The moment you know… “I nailed it”

You know when you go out to eat at a pretty nice place...or you go to a friend's home to have dinner and the host's have always been pretty good cooks. Perhaps even to a breakfast house to grab something in the morning. You have an anticipation that something good is coming to the table, the counter, or coming from [...]

Several topics – which to choose, which to choose…

Ice cream burp,... wow! So lets talk about granola. I bought some stuff that was at Frasier Farms the other day...I dunno know..., some kind of Cranberry Apple Almond BS they had on the shelf already packaged. My intent was to top vanilla ice cream with this. My kids attack this stuff like it's an [...]

“Traditional” Northern Walleye dinner – What ? ? ?

Walleye -  is a freshwater fish native to most of Canada and to the northern United States. Its meat is brilliant white, firm and mild in flavor. A good selection. Our first encounter. It started this morning with the outdoor perfection of my newly planted sod garden. I had irrigation issues that needed attention if the sod [...]

What to do – when out of ideas…and energy!

Drink!!! Wow . . . this is a hard task! What do you write about when you have all this stuff in your head, and you don't know how to get rid of it...except to just ....BLOW!!! The last several days have been fun filled. Yeah right...more like, the last several days have been tasking...to [...]

We saw Willie Nelson – right in our town.

First of all, I'm  not gonna knock it 'cause this place is like only 1 mile from the house. Yup, a bar that close. Realistically, there's two golf course "19th hole"s within just a mile from the house. Normally they always suck...this time however..., still sucks. We did see Willie Nelson though. At least a [...]

Recognizing Awesomness – some Culinary Students…not all!

Some just suck! Others, that I'm recognizing...are truely awesome!!! I had a brief encounter tonight with some of the students that make going to Culinary school fun! One of which, yet sitting next to another...in another class, made my night. Then seeing others in my Capstone class that are finally graduating...and yet others that have chosen [...]

Prohibition – An Era – Maybe should have stayed that way

Prohibition Brewery. Catchy name, and with several more Prohibition era touches on the interior, I would have thought they would've paid more attention to the dining experience.. Friday night, 6pm, and one of the few "breweries" in the San Diego that have a service menu, it was somewhat busy but no wait at the door...in fact, we were [...]

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