Spins Coffee Truck. A highway Rockstar.

Spins Coffee Truck


VA Health Care. You’re not getting what you paid for?

VA Veterans Administration Health Care and Compensation

I ate at a “B” health-rated restaurant . . . and I liked it.

So what does it mean if you see a "B" health rating on the front door of a restaurant, bar or other food establishment? Laddie-da, hoopla and fanciness abound in this Los Angeles community of West Hollywood, CA also known as "Westwood". Lots of money here and lots of money being spent here. Nice cars, nice stores and nice [...]

The Joy of American Food

How true and yet so funny - found this and had to repost. http://www.fhm.com/food-drink/how-to-eat-like-a-god-damn-american.   How To Eat Like A God-Damn American (Just In Time For Thanksgiving) 4 months ago by FHM Our resident food columnist, DJ BBQ, tells us why it’s time us Brits started eating like Americans: “As far as I’m concerned American [...]

The night I met Billy Blazes. Joe Torrillo. A story about 9/11.

http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-World-Rescue-Heroes-Blazes/dp/B004WNIS64I met this guy on 9/11/2015. I happened upon him at The Gopher Hole that is directly next door to Tuscany Hills Retreat/Resort . . . or whatever it's called just off the 15 freeway at the Castle Creek Country Club. His friend (another retired fireman from NY) tells me to get my recorder ready. [...]

Viking Ocean Cruises vs. the others.

I was somewhat surprised when I saw so many wheel chairs and walkers being escorted by so much grey hair in the cruise ship terminal. I knew this was an adult adventure, but I never cruised aboard Viking, and I don't quite know what I was expecting, so I explained to my wife that "we" could join the kids club [...]

The beer bong. An emotional education about water conservation.

A recent walk with a workmate . . . while enduring extremely tough working conditions (I hate these days), we had entered a discussion about creating yet another course for educating those persons in our work structure about environmental programs. It's what I do, so I'm usually always inviting the creative ways of thinking, educating [...]

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