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Cosmic performed very well. Cosmic was the only company I interviewed that provided their own crews to perform ALL photovoltaic (electricity), pool (water) solar removal, installation and complete roofing services. The other 4 contractors I interviewed planed to sub-contract all or part of the solar system/s removal and installation or vice versa with the roofing.

Cosmic was priced competitively (actually about $1K more) with the other contractors I interviewed, but because they were a ‘one-stop’ shop, I felt as though I was more in control over the end product and them living up to any warranties. And since I watched the entire process, learning along the way from working crews taking time to teach me what they were working on, I felt I now had sufficient knowledge about roofing and solar installations/removals to make better decisions in the future (hopefully 30-50 years). Also, if you are not prepared, roofing is a very noisy process from inside the home. 8-9 hours of constant hammering or banging each day. I am retired and had to find projects on the outside of my house to keep me busy, and I think now one of my dogs is just a little weirder.

The crews that worked on/at my house were mostly very good, respectable and caring individuals. The crews were there (different solar and roofing crews) for about three long weeks during some rainy periods. At the end of each day they would spend their last hour or so cleaning up the roofing job debris surrounding my house. I have a pool that the roof extends closely to in one corner. A couple of the days I had to clean my pool from debris that made its way into the water. I was told by the foreman that the crew supervisors were instructed to cover up the pool, but then it happened a second time. I was not happy, but the foreman made reparations relating to that matter. Also, I have dogs that mostly kept the workers confined to the roof. The workers even compensated for my little ankle-biter sneaking under one of the gates (pic). As well, the crews needed to be reminded by myself of keeping the gates closed.

Overall the crew did a good job at maintaining a clean worksite, but I continue to find nails (pic) periodically in my equipment lot next to the house where I house RVs and utility trailers. I understand there is going to be some nails that may get missed with the magnetic brooms used daily, but continue to find one or two, especially after the first big rain where they washed from the gutters. The crews also had on occasion left a drink can/cup or other construction debris on the roof or in the yard that would be caught by the wind and taken into the lower areas of my property. I also noticed a few (3) cigarette butts scattered by where the crews parked in the mornings. The work crews began each day around 8am and were gone by 4:30pm. They would take coordinated breaks times that could often be anticipated . . . or, just wait until the hammering stops.

I’m collectively giving them 4-stars because of some of their oversights along the way and I don’t want future customers to believe they are perfect. I do think they are a pretty good and solid company. I would recommend them to anyone who asks; and comparing Cosmic to other roofing teams and other roofing projects I have since seen (yes, now you look at everyone’s roof), I can understand the price I paid and the time it took. I had a pretty large and complex roof.

Thanks Cosmic.

Sorry, the pictures are just random shots during the process, and others were from leaks that had subsequently been handled.


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