Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion β€˜Til Further Notice. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Live from Nowhere.

Luck Reunion 2020

I happened to see that several of the musical artists I follow on social media were posting a free live concert of sorts, as a supplement to the almost halted live music event scene in wake of the COVID-19 scare of 2020. This year’s Luck Reunion was a multi-artist celebration of music, song and friendships that cast a far line into the ocean of possibilities for what our world can still do; despite having many, if not most, of us sitting in our homes with nothing to do but cook, eat, watch TV and just wait. Wait for something.

The Luck Reunion history can be found here https://luckreunion.com/the-legend. I have heard of this reunion for several years and have come to the understanding that is was mostly a closed or private event with Willie Nelson’s family and friends . . . mostly musical friends. I have seen his list of artist grow over the years with 2020 being no different; just this this year’s reunion, cast small performances or sketches from the various artists from their own private living or working space.

2020 Luck Reunion
Line-up w/my scribbles and PST’s

The production seemed to go without delay. Finding a host, Ray Benson, for such notice of an event is just as hard as getting all of the guests lined up and ready to perform live from around the globe. I believe someone played from a record store in another country while Paul Simon and wife, Edie Brickell played songs from Hawaii. There were several performers I wanted to see throughout the course of the evening. We had our grandkids over so I kept sneaking away to watch a performance or two, then come back for two more. The times indicated on the line-up sheet were held rather close, as many of the performances were mostly on cue, with a few single and duos standing by to help fill in during times where the performances were shorter or longer. The fill was nice and there never seemed to be any gaps or lags in getting to the next performer. Sound quality had some serious detriments; as I think many, if not all of the performances were done on the performer’s cell phones; fine for conferences, but they have most always lacked when recording a live performance. I’m sure that will be a future generation of cell phones, to have β€œaudibly real” recording or video capabilities. Rolling Stone Magazine has this to say: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/willie-nelson-luck-reunion-2020-livestream-970408/amp/

Luck Reunion 2020
Shovels and Rope

Overall the Luck Reunion was a good event to sit home and watch the performances of the various artists that are unable to get together during this COVID-19 scare. As all of the artists wished a speedy recovery for all those affected, I too am wishing this be be over quickly as I watch the cars on the freeway get fewer; although it appears the delivery and shipping trucks are still moving, but at a rate similar to the fewer passenger vehicles. The economy from here looks bleak.


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