A new Outback Steakhouse – San Marcos, CA πŸ†πŸ† Nice bar . . . with extra attention.

Outback Steakhouse – San Marcos, CA

Needing to burn some time in our day, we decided to grab a cocktail and a small nosh. We had watched as the new Outback Steakhouse construction in San Marcos finally concluded a few months ago and we wanted to check out the new digs. With lots of new construction in the area of the nearby California State University San Marcos campus, there are plenty of new restaurants to try. We are not real big fans of Outback, but we were nearby and had been intrigued by the new modern-looking building.

Outback Steakhouse – San Marcos, CA

We sat at the very nice bar that included a nifty frozen beverage trough where the bartender placed our beverages. The trough had a layer of frost generated by a timed freezing mechanism below, and when exposed to the moisture in the air, it freezes into a nice skating-rink layer of ice. I thought that to be a cool (pun intended) new design concept as well as the large door area that opens the bar to outdoor seating along the busy intersection. I thought it to be a really nice bar concept as the remainder of the rather small restaurant area was just modestly decorated and rather simple. I certainly didn’t feel as though I was in an Outback Steakhouse; then again, I’m not too sure I know what that means.

We had to fill our need for a small bite of something to carry us over until dinner time, so we decided on the Kookaburra Wings. We thought what we were ordering was intended to be an Outback Bloomin’ version of hot wings that are common place in many American bars and eateries. Although the wings came out super hot right from the fryer, they lacked any quality of flavor, crunchiness or size. I think they may have been the smallest chicken hot wings I have ever seen; then again maybe they weren’t chicken after all, and instead actually the wings of a Kookaburra.

Outback Steakhouse – San Marcos, CA

Our plate was a decent portion and came with the traditional celery sticks and a choice of dipping sauce. We selected to have ranch dressing but today got even more of a bonus with our plate. A dip or two of the small Kookaburra wings into the ranch dressing revealed something foreign inside of the sauce. It took me an extra little dip action to remove a piece of something from our dressing. Since it was covered in sauce, we didn’t quite know what it was. Our first expressions were questioning of weather it was a plastic wrapper or something else from the kitchen. Once we were able to scrape the ranch dressing from the object we could clearly see that it was a piece of fresh iceberg lettuce. It didn’t gross us out and we didn’t complain because it was still fresh, but foreign. So we cleaned it more thoroughly and left it on the plate for the staff to see. And since I am such a β€˜Dick’, I decided to leave them with one of my characteristic business cards placed just below the plate’s extra lettuce surprise. β€œYou’ve been DickπŸ†d”. I don’t know why I keep going to Outback.


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