Mohave Steakhouse πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Bullhead City, AZ

Mohave Steakhouse – Bullhead City, AZ

I can say that it was busy in the Mohave Steakhouse this Saturday evening. We were still seated promptly and our food came out hot, but not without a couple of very minor issues. Okay, so they forgot one of the salads . . . and the cafe-style dining facility reminded me of some converted dress shop or 2nd-hand boutique.

I’d like to say great things about this place, but some things just seemed too perfect. My steak was tender, flavorful and cooked perfectly. My ribs were tender, flavorful and how I like β€˜em, not fall-off-the-bone. Our guests ordered the salmon and said it was delicious and perfectly cooked. Our calamari appetizer was mysteriously the most tender calamari anyone at our table had ever encountered. So mysteriously tender that I had to pull on one of the perfect, and I mean perfect, round squid rings to see if it was some kind of manufactured squid. So perfectly round and tender that everyone at our table likened them to onion rings that you get from some fast-food places or from the freezer section of the local market. I mean this reasonably sized plate of onion rings . . . I mean calamari rings, was too perfect. Every ring was exactly the same size. The breading and seasoning on those rings was just ok, and the dipping sauce didn’t help as it was too just ok.

One of our guests really enjoyed the Maple – Honey bread that was served with a honey compound butter, so she asked for the recipe. I have had bread like what was served before at another restaurant. I want to say it is one of the same breads served at Cheesecake Factory. When the server responded that the bread was supplied by Sysco. I thought to myself, oddly, quietly; no wonder the calamari was so perfect. The Cheesecake Factory was the most frequently studied and modeled restaurant chain while I attended culinary school. I’ll just leave the rest of that story to you.

If you’re in the area of Bullhead City and need a steak and some oddly tender and really perfect calamari rings, don’t go anywhere else looking for tentacles; eat at Mohave Steakhouse. It’s the place that has taken over a strip mall along the highway.


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