Harrah’s Casino New Orleans – Acme Oyster House. This is not Funner, CA

Harrah’s Casino, New Orleans, LA

A recent trip to New Orleans, LA would not be totally complete without a quick trip through one of the casinos next to the Mississippi River. Our hotel room was just about two blocks away and I had a hunkerin’ for some of the acclaimed Acme Oysters that were a ‘must do’ while here. There just happens to be an Acme Oyster inside of Harrah’s Casino New Orleans food court.

Harrah’s Casino New Orleans was a bit unique apart from other Harrah’s Casinos I had been to. Likening it to other Harrah’s, like the one nearby my home near Funner, CA . . . and funner is not its current state, as it was a huge letdown our last visit with many of the entertainment attractions, gaming and bars were under renovation; and while our last visit to Funner, CA was on a Friday night, it was almost a ghost town inside. I believe Funner was under renovation as Rob Riggle (the town Mayor) was nowhere to be found; although I did find his scooter.

Harrah’s Southern California, Rincon, Funner, CA

Harrah’s Casino New Orleans offered an outdoor gaming area that was designed for smokers as well as regular gamers. There is a no-smoking ordinance inside of buildings in the New Orleans city limits so Harrah’s put both slots and tables outside in a reasonably comfortable area where all could play. The inside of this New Orleans casino was adorned in typical gaming manner with tables, slots, entertainment and places to eat, like Acme Oyster House, where I was able to find some excellent oysters on the half-shell, grilled and adorned with their infamous toppings of garlic, butter and a sprinkle of cheese. I ordered half with cheese and half without, because I didn’t want to ruin the oysters with so much cheese as I had observed in many other restaurants in the New Orleans area. That’s one of the things I say about New Orleans cuisine in New Orleans. You can eat the cuisine just about anywhere. Everyone has gumbo or po boy sandwich. Everyone serves oysters, alligator, shrimp and jambalaya. While they are mostly all good at mostly all of the establishments, everyone is unique in its own way. I liken the cuisine variations to that of pasta sauces in Italy or salsas in Mexico. Everyone’s mother makes it different and everyone’s mother makes it the best. What I was looking for in all of the New Orleans cuisine was the variation, that nobody else make . . . or the restaurants that were the New Orleans ‘must do’ establishments, like Acme Oyster House; I just never made it to the original location, but the quality of the oysters were some of the best I have ever had. The only better oysters were served to me from the grill while attending a wedding in Washington State near the Seattle area.

Acme Oyster House, New Orleans, LA

Harrah’s New Orleans was a quick pass-thru visit since I am not into gambling or gaming. I ate my oysters, sat with the family while they gamed a bit. I walked around and looked at people and patiently waited until everyone was doing what it is that everyone does while at a casino. I dont believe the winning odds are very good inside or outside of Harrah’s Casino New Orleans, because we left after a short time to continue our visit and walk about the New Orleans area.


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