Palace Cafe and Black Duck Bar πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† A classy recommended introduction to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Palace Cafe and Black Duck Bar

As our Lyft driver veered off course to show us a few of the places she recommended, I overheard her say that anything belonging to Dickie Brennan was a good choice; more specifically Palace Cafe since it was just a block away from where we were going to stay in New Orleans.

Literally only one block away we happened upon the Palace Cafe. We weren’t too keen on the idea of sitting in the nice lower dining room, but atop the beautiful staircase adorning the entrance of the cafe we found the Black Duck Bar and our first introduction to the New Orleans music scene, some nice fair, tasty beverages and a very cool hand operated delicatessen slicer that quickly caught my attention.

Palace Cafe and Black Duck Bar

Cranking out slices of the house-made Andouille sausage, I heard the audible kchunck, kchunck, kchunck of this interesting machine I had never seen before. At this time, having also the jazz music being played by a guitarist and fiddle duo I had realized were on to something special.

We began with a swift order of a couple of drinks and appetizers from the happy hour menu . . . basically everything from the β€˜shared’ menu for $7 until 7pm. This happy hour reminded me of the happy hour at Fleming’s Steakhouse where the bar menu was from 5pm until 7pm and everything was $6. Fleming’s called it the 5-6-7 happy hour. To this day is still one of our favorite happy hours to share.

Tonight we shared a couple of treats including some coconut shrimp with an unusual and very subtle banana chimichurri, the baby back ribs and ceviche served with plantain chips. Not really a β€˜New Orleans’ food excursion, but also good with the music had set the stage for a wonderful stay here in NOLA.

A recommended start or stop for your tour of food and music if traveling to β€œThe Big Easy”.


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