Pho Guys 🍆🍆🍆🍆 A trendy place to warm up. Vista, CA

Pho Guys. Vista, CA

Ok, so we stopped by because of Pho Guys acclaim from Yelp’s top 100. Let’s just see what makes the top 100 other than a bunch of teen Yelpers stopping by after school. We were here just after opening this mid-weekday and I was the first to sit down. I noticed there was already a busy kitchen and several people followed just after me to grab their pre-ordered takeout. Some other regulars, characterized by name identification, had also taken a seat soon after me.

I was quickly attended to, presumably by the younger owner. I was trying to burn an hour before taking my car in for service nearby. My order came out quickly and was nice and Pho king hot, it made for a great moment to get out of the rain.

Seemed like I would never run out of the assortment of miscellaneous beef cuts in the P1 soup. Their portions of protein was larger than most in the large bowl, as opposed to the other guys that fill with more noodles. Their broth was very flavorful.

We tried the egg rolls and I think they were pork; but different and good. We saw the spring rolls go by. Their size reminded me of one of the larger carne asada burritos in the area. I think we should have ordered those. They looked very appealing.

Above friendly service and hospitality, to the point of feeling offended. LOL. Lots of variety for ordering your proteins. The wife ordered the P4 (I think, chicken). The server asks, “what kind?” “What kind of what?”, my wife asks back. “What kind of chicken?”, the server asks back. “The kind that clucks”, the wife replies. We all laugh heartily. The server then says, “you have your choice of white, dark or both”. That’s the first time I have had a choice. Like I said, seems like there are many choices.

Worth a try!

I have been back here now a couple of times. There is a big local following of regular patrons.


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