Whole Foods Market 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Thanksgiving meal in a box. (Circa 2018)

Whole Foods Market – Thanksgiving Day

I was initially impressed with the fact that there was a Whole Foods Market in Park City Utah, but just their presence in this town is an indicator of the demographic of that ski resort community.

Overall, very representative of the Whole Foods quality of product, but certainly not nearly as good as we could have made ourselves. OK, I’ll give them an extra star because I didn’t have to cook anything.

We ordered our Thanksgiving meal on-line while booking our destination Thanksgiving celebration and picked it up the morning of the big turkey day. It was service for eight and our on-line ordering was a very fair description of the quantity. There was plenty of leftovers for the late night snack. Luckily we also remembered to buy items not included with the meal; in addition, so we could have a green salad with our boxed Thanksgiving feast, we were at a good market, and probably one of the largest Whole Foods we have been to.

The quality of the end product was subjectively good as all of the condiments and products received were appropriate and of decent flavor and quality. Although the turkey could have been considered just a slight bit over done (re-heated per instructions), it was still able to be devoured with only minimal gravy or cranberry sauce and the fact that it just required reheating. The turkey was good, but not great.

The green beans were very rough cut with a lot of the stem remaining on each bean. There was plenty of garlic with the beans, but with (pre-pared, yeah it seemed like the jarred stuff) garlic, so the flavor was not as fresh as it appeared. Still rather delicious, but I am still picking stems from my teeth.

The bread stuffing, gravy, and everything else was good and representative of the Whole Foods quality of product. I guess there was a bread, that I never saw . . . kids tore it up? Gone somewhere . . .

The apple pie was to die for. Probably one of our best ever tasted.

Since we were from out of town and rented a condo, there were minimal opportunities, kitchen equipment wise, for effective reheating except for the pan provided by Whole Foods when we picked the box up. Just something to consider for your planning purposes.

Now if we can just get them to deliver the morning of, “Amazon” style, we’ll be rockin’ it.


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