Lamppost Pizza and Backstreet Brewery πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†Cold beer, bar and pizza in a convenient location.

Lamppost Pizza and Backstreet Brewery

A last minute decision to catch an afternoon matinee, turns out to be the beginning to the end of our day. Having to find a way to occupy our time while waiting for our show to begin in the comfortably recycling loungers of the next door Cinepolis Cinemas in Vista, we decided to catch a quick refreshment at Lamppost beforehand so we could properly kick off our afternoon of entertainment.

Sitting in the bar area of Backstreet Brewery, we order our libations and begin conversation about the latest ventures life has to afford, when I realize we are sitting in an equally opposing crowd of LA Charger fans and Chicago Bear fans watching the game. This ratio of fans has been nothing new to me since dropping out of the San Diego Charger fan base since they became an LA team a couple years back. The Chargers have always had a hard time with their fan base in San Diego; because of the military presence here, everyone always had another team from the hometown from which they were originally from. So if the Chargers we having a losing season, it was easy for those fans to root for their original hometown team. β€˜Da Bears’ are no exception.

Lamppost Pizza and Backstreet Brewery

Our drinks arrive and I look at the score of the game. There’s like 1:41 remaining and the Bears have the ball, but the Chargers are ahead by 1 point. The bears make a significant drive toward the end zone and I feel the same as I had when I was a Charger fan . . . they’re gonna now lose. Somehow, they didn’t lose after a very short field goal was botched by the Bears.

Anyway, that was the beginning to the end of my day of entertainment. A cold beer, and then another; some conversation with my wife finally ensued. We went and watched our movie . . . well, the wife enjoyed the movie while I, comfortably relaxed with two beers in my belly, and enjoyed the back of my eyelids. Got caught snoring . . .

Lamppost Pizza and Backstreet Brewery. The beginning to the end of my day.


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