Beach Plum Kitchen 🍆🍆🍆 🍆 A very pleasant Sunday brunch. Carlsbad, CA

Looking forward to another opportunity for some house-made things from the culinary delightful kitchen creations of Tin Leaf, I was not let down nearly as I was when visiting Black Rail; all within walking distance of each other.

Beach Plum provided a casually enticing atmosphere and decor, accentuated by a paper-placemat story of the reason I am eating here; New England inspired fresh-made jams, awesome breads, biscuits and great pancakes. I was also again inspired to try their house-made corned beef hash, but was a bit let down because it really only resembled exactly as described on the menu; chunks of corned beef combined with Beach Plum’s Home Fries with a bit more peppers and minced garlic. Although I’ve had much better, it was still pleasant.

A dog-friendly patio here gave the locals yet another millennial-opportunity to drag their behaved pets along, but the crowd behaving outside waiting to get a seat yet proves the popularity of this trio of restaurants just a stroll from each other.

The highlights of our breakfast were simple creations of the sourdough toast, fresh-made jam, fluffy and light pancakes, fresh hot coffee and very pleasant and prompt service.

Beach Plum will again be visited in the future as in inwardly coastal destination. Fresh house-made delicious cuisine is what Beach Plum, Tin Leaf and Black Rail are all about. Come enjoy a great atmosphere, some great food and a comfortable place to take it all in.


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