Harbor Fish and Chips πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† An Oceanside Harbor mainstay. Oceanside, CA

Harbor Fish and Chips

This place has been here making fish and chips for as long as I can remember; probably longer than when I, in my youth, used to cruise the Oceanside area some 40 years ago while transiting to our local surf spots down the coast.

Over the last many years, since having lived in Oceanside, worked in the military, visiting Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, and owning and harboring a boat in the local harbor, we often times found Harbor Fish and Chips to not only be convenient, but that the portion sizes of their fish plates and perfect crunchiness of their batter to be something we began to look forward to.

Things haven’t changed much here, but our appetite and desires have. As we still find the fish and flavorful home-made tarter sauce to be one of our regular orders, we have found the special sauce, tortillas used and the overall compilation that make up their fish tacos, to be one of the best fish tacos around up and down the California’s coast. Even to say they rank closely with some of the fish tacos we can get in some parts of Baja California.

This place gets super busy, especially when the weather draws those seeking the climate and atmosphere of the beach drawing them to the Oceanside Harbor. Ordering inside you’ll meet a friendly staff as your pick up numbers are called out over the speakers audibly noticeable from the patio or tables that rest above the sea wall. There are tables inside as well, but they can get hard to claim if that weather turns cooler or more inclimate.

Harbor Fish and Chips in Oceanside Harbor next to the boats is where they started, and where you’ll still find β€˜em.


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