Ruben & Ozzieโ€™s Oyster Bar and Grill ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ† They DO give a shuck. – Palm Springs, CA

Ruben & Ozzieโ€™s Oyster Bar and Grill

One of the first things youโ€™ll notice is; well, maybe the second, after you pass amongst the outside tables that overlook the street, are the smiles and friendly greeting of the staff as you enter, and โ€˜those guysโ€™ behind the open-kitchen bar counter. Not a big place inside, so you are probably not going to miss โ€˜em behind the Fiesta plates and hanging glasses. Another thing youโ€™ll probably see are either Ruben or Ozzie giving a shuck or two to some oysters, and possibly something else theyโ€™re skillfully grilling up as you sit down at that counter. What a nice way to have a cocktail and a late-night snack all while BSโ€™n with the Chef, the staff and some insightful guy next to us.

Ruben & Ozzieโ€™s Oyster Bar and Grill

Another thing you may soon notice is that some of the stuff flying out of the kitchen canโ€™t be found on the menu. I thought I recognized โ€˜that guyโ€™ as I initially had the desire to swing by Shanghai Reds, a block or two away, โ€˜cause I wanted some grilled oysters.

Now I guess thereโ€™s more to the Ruben and Ozzie story that I later caught up on, and although there is a physical menu from which to order, this place will make you just about anything as long as they have the ingredients, as I was told by our server this evening. I was just about to call out, โ€œIโ€™ll have some grilled oystersโ€, just like I ordered on a previous trip to Shanghai Reds. Just then the server recommended oysters done up some other way that the wife said, โ€œperfect, weโ€™ll try thoseโ€. Whatever they were, they had a lot of cheese, I ate most of them, but I could barely taste that there was an oyster. The wife thought they were the best oysters sheโ€™s ever enjoyed. The following day I asked her about the oysters. She said, โ€œNo, I couldnโ€™t taste them.โ€ Sheesh, no wonder . . . I would have rather had them grilled. But who gives a shuck? Just as long as I can get my wife to eat a couple of oysters before bedtime. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Give Ruben & Ozzieโ€™s a try. And try some oysters done up how ever you like โ€˜em. Order a drink while sitting at the kitchen counter. Talk with the Chef, then order another drink. Have a great experience at Ruben & Ozzieโ€™s Oyster Bar and Grill. Weโ€™ll definitely be back!


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