Casa Reveles Mexican Restaurant 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Valley Center, CA

Casa Reveles Mexican Restaurant

So glad there is some good Mexican food nearby my home.

A bit off of the beaten path, but not if you are a local. This place has been here just about as long as we have lived in the area . . . just down the road a piece. Casa Reveles is actually the closest sit-down Mexican restaurant to our home. Hell, it’s actually the closest Mexican food to our home . . . period; and they have a bar!

All done up in the Halloween spirit this visit, we sat in the bar area, as we have always (unfortunately, rather seldomly) done in the past, with this creepy guy (a holograph) watching us eat. The service here today was typical of Reveles’ friendly, familiar and catering staff; servers coming out of the kitchen, bartenders delivering plates, and locals being high-five’d as they walk in the door. A friendly local place, where a come-as-you-are atmosphere is what it takes for the many ‘4H’ types here in Valley Center.

Although we have only eaten here a few times . . . and I really don’t know why it has been so infrequent; the food is remarkably some of the finest Mexican, albeit American-Mexican cuisine I have enjoyed; with some very reasonable prices. And they have a full bar with multiple selections of beer and something rarely found in any part of California today . . . a smoking dining area on the patio.

We have ordered different items on the menu in the past, but today we went to check out their cuisine, really evaluate their food and the overall experience. We sat for lunch, ordered a cocktail and a beer. We munched on the house-made chips and very fresh salsa that had just a hint of zip. We ordered the very abundant and very flavorful Carnitas plate. This was probably the largest portion and possibly the tastiest Carnitas we have ever been served. We also ordered a combination plate of a beef taco and Chili Relleno. The taco was good, rather standard, but not overly greasy. The Chili Relleno was a standard batter-fried type of Relleno, filled with cheese, but it was very flavorful because you could actually taste the mild Pasilla chili in the light coating of perfectly seasoned batter. I want to say the Chili Relleno may have been freshly prepared to order, unlike many Mexican restaurants that will have them prepared ahead of time and pulled from the freezer at the last minute for service.

The place was not yet crowded as this was rather early for this Saturday lunch. There were several staff running around yet the food took a bit to come out. That better supports my notion that plates are prepared to order in a more home-style Mexican environment. The food is fresh and flavorful. The service is local-friendly and the atmosphere is very, very casual as the locals would like it.

Casa Reveles gets rather busy in the evenings, but don’t expect much of a late-night crowd as this entire area shuts down closer to sunset, than sunrise. And I think the bar stays open as long as they can to support the drinkers and smokers, but with the winding roads around Valley Center, the crowds don’t play for very long.

We are going to have to check them out once again on a Friday or Saturday night to see them in their prime. Probably the same familiar staff serving the same finer Mexican cuisine.


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