Lulu California Bistro 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Palm Springs, CA

Lulu California Bistro

As our day began off to a slow start after a great night of partying in the downtown area, I was ultimately pleased with the cuisine, service and overall experience of eating breakfast at Lulu California Bistro, all while sitting at a pleasant outside table along the downtown strip.

It was yet early this Saturday morning and the crowd was just beginning to form. We had hesitated for a moment about eating here as we had passed by this once during its construction, and once again since it had been opened, with what appeared to be a rather ‘booshy’ (forgive my non-millennial spelling) crowd. But a gentleman we had conversation with the previous evening, had mentioned their breakfast menu was quite spectacular. After a quick review of our online resources, we decided to give it a try.

Lulu California Bistro

All done up in its own Halloween decorations, including a harrowed looking electric chair at the entrance, again we became skeptical of what horrors may lie ahead; only to find out they had a very diverse, enticing and extensive breakfast menu.

Lulu California Bistro serves many house-made selections as we first inquired, and then ordered the very good house-made corn beef hash with eggs, house-made toasted bread and the best home fries I’ve had to date, with perfect sized bell peppers and onions that you could actually taste. Delicious!

We also ordered the traditional Eggs Benedict that was served with a thick slice of Canadian Bacon and almost perfectly executed poached eggs lightly covered with a pleasant Hollandaise sauce. The coffee was also rich with flavor and I never saw my cup get empty, but overheard the table behind me always asking for theirs to be refilled.

Lulu California Bistro just adds to the great enjoyment of the overall Palm Springs experience that keeps us coming back to this downtown adult play area.


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