Sushi Deli 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Hillcrest, CA – A relaxed Sushi experience.

Sushi Deli Hillcrest, CA

Very simple, very relaxing and very good. Perhaps it was the Sapporo that made everything just so wonderful today while sitting with a good friend and dining on good food.

Sushi Deli Hillcrest, CA

Perhaps it was the very fresh sushi rolls amongst the large, diverse menu. Perhaps it was the awesome fried small calamari rings; although I like and prefer the absent tentacles from this plate. Or, perhaps it was the very friendly servers and staff that greeted and provided an almost immediate lunchtime service.

I’m not too sure about why the dining experience at Sushi Deli in Hillcrest was so positive, but I do know that the sushi was probably the freshest I’ve ever had and the large calamari plate with simple batter ranks up there with the best I’ve had; tender and flavorful without any distraction from the available dipping sauces.

Sushi Deli Hillcrest, CA

My friend has been trying to get me to check out and experience this place for some time. Today we both were immediately seated and very quickly served some of the best sushi I’ve ever experienced . . . without all of the Japanese fuss.

Unassuming location and unassuming service. A very pleasurable experience in Hillcrest, CA


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