Brickworks American Bistro and Pizza 🍆🍆🍆 Palm Springs, CA

Brickworks American Bistro and Pizza

We started our adventure by stopping up here, what we used to know under a different name, because they had good cocktails and appetizers. It may be the same place as before but just under a different name, since the layout is similar to what we remembered.

Brickworks American Bistro and Pizza

The cocktails and beer selection was still fine, but the high barstools on the patio made things difficult especially if you drop something from your table. The stools were awkward to sit in, get up from and made my legs fall asleep as the chromed frame and footrest seemed to be at just the right height and dimension to not allow you to scoot back and get up from. We found it easier to just jockey the table around to accommodate sitting comfortably and enjoying our drinks. Once you were seated, you kinda just needed to stay seated.

We did hit their happy hour for only some drinks and fine conversation as the crowd began to flow in.

Give it a try and see if you are more comfortable.


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