Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que 🍆🍆🍆 Somethings never change.

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Having a desire to eat BBQ while visiting, so that was BBQ twice in three days for the wife and I, didn’t seem to be top on our priority list this evening, but we wanted to get our family together in a location that was convenient for everyone. It was later on a Saturday evening and the mall parking was a bit hectic. Luckily we found a spot right in front. That didn’t help our waiting for a table as a reasonable 20 minutes found us as the last waiting group watching the 8:00 pm hour roll by.

Finally seated, a small wait until our server arrived and was eager with his somewhat arrogant demeanor and off-tune getting-close-to-closing-time wit. He takes our drink order and runs off to place the order and tend to another table with an even larger party.

He returns with our drinks and runs back off saying he’ll be right back to take our order. At that time we were ready to order and we noticed he got one of the drinks wrong; but before we could get him to correct the drink, he had already run off. About 5 minutes goes by and he’s now back at our table to capture our order.

Before he gets to taking the table’s order I tell him that my wife had been sitting here without anything she could drink as she was served straight-up Vodka when she ordered a Vodka and soda. She didn’t even get a glass of water to use when “Salud” filled the table. The server acknowledged my request for urgency of my wife’s drink so she could have something other than just Vodka. I asked the server to at least bring a soda water so she could mix her own proper cocktail. After taking our table’s order, I reemphasized the urgency of my wife’s cocktail. Our table took about another 7 minutes to finish asking questions about the menu and complete their order. Then our server ran off to the other table again to care for their needs before tending to the urgency of my wife’s cocktail. Again, she didn’t even have a water to drink.

After tending to the other table and another five minutes getting their needs profiled at the kitchen and bar our server finally returns, slaps some biscuits covered in sugar saying, “I brought you a basket of biscuits with lots of sugar on top”. “Who doesn’t like a little sugar”, he continues and finally puts a large 32 oz mason jar full of soda water down on the table in front of my wife. That’s about 15 minutes after she was initially served straight Vodka with nothing else to drink. I had to drink about 8 ounces out of the Mason jar full of soda so she could get something close to a proper mix ratio of a normal cocktail for her 1 shot of Vodka. That was our start at Lucille’s this evening.

Our orders came out without a hitch in reasonably prompt fashion. Some ok deviled eggs, a not so good, very sweet corn chowder, good and moist and flavorful tri-tip ends, a mildly flavored (I thought the menu said ‘hot and spicy’) Nashville Hot Chicken dinner, flavorless macaroni and cheese and a very dry brisket sandwich that I asked for the BBQ sauce on the side. If it wasn’t for the coleslaw on that sandwich, I would have died like a sheep roaming the Sahara desert.

A reasonably priced dinner for the five of us, but it again lacked any profound quality often times found at a non-chain BBQ house. Service was off kilter and that didn’t help anything this evening.

Lucille’s didn’t impress anyone on our table, and I got stuck choking down the leftover half of a dry brisket sandwich and some sugary biscuits the next day . . . I mean, I like a little sugar, but enough is enough.


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