TAPS Fish House & Brewery πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† A nice relief from the LA traffic.

TAPS Fish House & Brewery

Thanks to the great maker for this place. A perfect stop, and location, along the daunting drive home from Los Angeles. Los Angeles traffic is not a good thing, but the cocktails here at Taps, . . . cold, refreshing and a big glass of ice water, really hits the spot.

We have been here before and will probably return again because of the location along the I-15 corridor just south of Corona, CA and the cocktails, . . . cold, refreshing cocktails; otherwise their food is good bar food, since that’s all we ever see is the bar. We did attend a private event back some time ago that was also pretty good.

I’m not sure, but the coasters they used under those cocktails in the past, didn’t seem to do anything but provide a harboring area for the water that drops on my crotch every time I lifted the glass. Made me look like I had old-guy issues when I got up from my chair. Perhaps they may have cured that, because it didn’t happen this trip. Perhaps the cocktail didn’t sweat enough to produce enough condensation. Don’t know, but my crotch was dry today.

TAPS Fish House & Brewery

Parking in the area usually sucks, but be patient and plan to walk across the lot for a short stroll to this place. If given the chance, Taps sits along a small lake that is a nice place to stroll if you still have energy from the parking area walk.

Food was again good. The oysters have yet to be released from the half-shell, but they were clean and cold. I guess I’m anticipating a bit more of a fine dining experience with the oysters. The calimari today came out below temp and was lacking flavor. They have an early β€˜happy hour’ between the dining area turnover from breakfast and lunch service to their dinner service, and you can’t order from the dinner menu until after 4pm. Even with the happy hour menu, the happy hour prices didn’t seem to be much of a value.

Maybe one of these days we’ll sit in the robust dining area for some real food; but for now, we just seem to always need the bar. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.


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