Outback Steakhouse πŸ†πŸ† Laughlin, NV

Outback Steakhouse – Laughlin, NV

First of all I could not take my casino-purchased beer into the restaurant, and I just had it served to me at the bar outside from the casino. So I sat outside and drank my beer while I began this review my wife partys it up with the “bloomi’n onion ‘man’tender”. And he didn’t have a name tag this night . . . so be it; you are now ‘mantender’. Our bartender didn’t care enough about us to make our visit special . . . not that I expected it, but it almost seemed to try really hard to make it an awful experience. His service lacked any personalization or individuality.

The food hit the spot this evening but was very Outback. There really isn’t any reason to eat at an/this Outback other than to fill a void with one of their steaks and quickly return to gambling.

Giving them two stars because it is a safe place to eat, and that’s about it. Then the lady next to us would not shut up. She thought she could just talk to us. I finally had to cut her off and say something that was very snobbish like . . . shut up!!!

Only in Laughlin.

Post visit: Contacted by Outback Rep about my experience since posting to Yelp. He wanted to offer me something comp me something and I told him that it’s not necessary. He agreed to meet me for a beer instead, but was in some mid-west city and has yet to go to Laughlin. We both laughed.

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