Archibald’s 🍆🍆🍆🍆 – A fresh take on the not-so fast-food Drive-Thru.

Archibald’s Drive-Thru

What started off as an early morning drive north on I-15 from San Diego without coffee in hand or breakfast in our belly, we were looking . . . and driving past several opportunities to rectify our emptiness dilemma. We knew of some inconvenient places along the route and we would see other opportunities just after passing the last off-ramp for, “that was a good place to get off”, we would say to each other.

Knowing of a particular off ramp where there were food services, we decided to finally get off the road on Central Avenue in the Lake Elsinore area in search of a “there’s got to be a Starbucks off here”, the wife says. “We can get a danish, scone and their sous-vide egg bites”, she continued.

Having the desire to eat something before our day got involved and being subjected to eating from food trucks at the California RV Show in Fontana, CA, we wanted to get something to tie us over so we can eat something decent after waking around for a couple of hours. Timing of our day needed to be executed with precision.

Immediately realizing we only had only about 45 minutes to get to Fontana to meet up with our friends, another brand of coffee house to choose from on this exit, and not necessarily wanting coffee but rather some food, we saw a Wendy’s Hamburger joint. At that moment we were unsure if Wendy’s served breakfast items. As we approached the drive-thru the wife noticed some signage in the window of Archibald’s next door . . . and, that they had breakfast sandwiches.

As I clumsily negotiated my large truck through Archibald’s Drive-Thru, we see they have breakfast items similar to McDonalds and decided on just a couple of familiar muffin, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches; one with ham and the other with sausage. We see the items are $3.95 each. “That’s all, nothing else”, I say through the talking speaker thing. “That’ll be $4.85”, the clerk responds. Questioning the amount, I asked for the order to be repeated and the clerk said something that was incomprehensible, and I told her we would meet her at the checkout window.

I noticed a sign while ordering that said, “Please be patient”, as their orders are cooked fresh. We finally got to the window and the clerk confirmed our order of two breakfast muffins, one with ham and the other with sausage; “That’ll be $4.85”, she said once again. Just then we noticed the window add that my wife initially saw. My wife repeated what she was reading on the sign, “2 breakfast muffins for $4”. That further explained the difference in price when initially ordering. We also realized that maybe we should have tried another special on that window sign because of the price, but didn’t want to delay our order. Now, what seemed to be an eternity, as we have never been to an Archibald’s before, we waited and waited. My wife kept looking across my seat to see ‘what the heck is taking so long’. I reassured her what the sign said about cooking fresh items.

We finally got our breakfast and got back on the road. We tasted the good sandwiches that tasted very similar to what we had expected. They tasted like McMuffins but you could actually taste the fried egg. You could actually taste the quality ham. You could actually taste the cheese. Other than that, they were quite similar, but the freshness was obvious. What wasn’t different, was the similarity of the regurgitation after about 5 minutes somewhere down the road. Yuk!

We gotta check out more items of their menu someday. Perhaps a sandwich, burger, taco or hot dog. Their specials are something to take note of when ordering. Give Archibald’s a try if you see one. The difference is fresh.


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