SuzyQ’s Diner – Escondido, CA 🍆🍆

SuzyQ’s Diner

I had eaten here one time before. I ate breakfast today on the hunch that I might have missed something on my first experience. That hunch was based on a couple of very appetizing photos displayed by my friend on social media posts; and, I was in the area.

SuzyQ’s is an early American inspired diner with lots of feel of an old diner with pictures on the walls of Marylin Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and the likes, including early Corvette inspired upholstery on a couple of the booths and a chair or two.

I searched the menu looking for a corned beef sandwich and possibly a corned beef meal or special on the menu with hopes they actually made their own brisket for their corned-beef hash and eggs. Nope! After looking through some of the posted pictures on the internet I found the good old American canned stuff being used. Again, nope! Still in search of that fresh corned beef novelty.

Today I ordered and received the ok John Denver 3-egg omelet that came with some tasty country potatoes and under-toasted sour dough bread presumably delivered from their supplier. The omelet plate was plentiful as was the over-abundance of cheese in and on the omelet. The coffee was fresh and good.

After spending nearly $20 including tip for the omelet, potatoes, toast and coffee (jeeees!) I really wasn’t impressed again here at SuzyQ’s Diner. Perhaps I’m just not ordering the right things like in the pictures my friend has posted. Perhaps I’m just not American enough.


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  1. You shouldn’t write a review about a place if you don’t know what your talking about. Suzy Q’s Diner has the best Homemade Corned beef hash ;The Patsy Cline. They also have a Ruben. Maybe should take the time a read their menu and ask questions about a place before writing a half ass review.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I have since learned they make their CB fresh. Yes I also saw the Ruben. Unfortunately, often times learn as I go. I will try to do more in-depth research on my future reviews. Unfortunately though, I can never please everyone. Respectfully, Dicks

  2. I ate here several times. I agree with you.

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