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Ryobi Brand power tools – The Home Depot

Since being a homeowner and mechanic for about 35 years, a large property owner for the last 15 years and a former Home Depot employee from back in 2004 or so, I have learned at thing or two about fixing and maintaining a home, tools that get the job done and tools that last.

Ryobi is an exclusive Home Depot brand as are the Husky Brand hand tools. I own several Ryobi power tools for home maintenance, a few Husky Brand hand tools and I still shop at The Home Depot. Even my sons have learned about and trust Ryobi tools to get their home improvement and maintenance tasks accomplished, and to just plain . . . get the job done!

Ryobi may not compare in comfort, power and durability for the professional that uses power tools for everyday work building homes or being a trade carpenter, but for the occasional maintenance and upkeep of my home, they have always seemed to get the job done. Without fail, without breakdown or replacement, The Home Depot brands have stood by my side.

Highly recommend saving a bunch of money if you only need power tools on an occasional basis. Ryobi has also been by my side through larger complex home improvement projects; plus buying the Ryobi products that still use the regular power cord vice being battery operated, will save having to buy replacement batteries to keep the Ryobi brand powered up for the next task.


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