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Having long been a fan of motor sports, especially enjoying, riding and following motocross since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by and a fan of Husqvarna motorcycles.

Since moving to this house and 2.3 acres of property, I have come to realize the importance of having ready yard tools and equipment. I have also come to realize the importance and convenience of those tools being of good quality.

Husqvarna produces quality motorized tools and equipment for the professional and the homeowner; however their tools are not necessarily the least expensive on the market. They can even be downright expensive if purchasing for professional use.

As a young homeowner, paying your home bills is generally a shock at first; then you become comfortable with your recurring bills and are again able to budget. You begin to buy tools to get the everyday household chores accomplished. You buy tools just to get the job done. I had gone through two other chainsaws made by Craftsman because I had trusted that name for years as Craftsman is the majority make of hand tools in my toolbox. Craftsman is also a regular tool found in my garden tool shed. I break a shovel or rake, I take it back to Sears and they give me new one. Same thing with the wrenches, sockets and hammers in my toolbox. A good product; but, when it comes to a chainsaw, they just didn’t really accomplish the lasting task of being ready. Then they would often times fail to do the job without a struggle.

Not the case with the Husqvarna chainsaw. A bit more expensive, but always ready to take on the work assigned. I never have to work harder than the saw. As I get older, and seemingly always have more work to do around the property, making the job easier is something I now cherish each time I gas it up and pull the start cord.

The Husqvarna 445 shown in the picture is probably considered the top model for the homeowner. The 445 may not hold up to the task of everyday use by a professional. When researching online for my new Husqvarna, I actually was searching for the bottom ranked Husqvarna professional saw, but through manipulative social media advertising, I clicked on some ad that directed me to this saw. I thought I was buying the next model up; but when I looked at my purchase, had realized I didn’t buy the saw I thought I was getting for a better deal. Saying to myself, after kicking myself for not paying attention, “oh well, let’s see what we get”, hoping for the best. What I got was the ready chainsaw I needed for the periodic tasks of cutting tree branches and being ready should one of the native oaks on my property beckon to jump into my fireplace.

Always ready – Husqvarna – Pay more, get more.


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