Best automotive device magnetic mounting system. Scosche πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Scosche Device Magnetic Mounting System

When it comes to properly securing your handheld devices to your automobile’s dashboard or other location, there are countless options available to the consumer. Having just purchased this iPad, to also service my traveling needs, it was also important that I was able to secure it on my dash in a location that made traveling sense.

I have recently realized that I have been able to listen to streamed video musical performances while on the road while Bluetooth’d to my trucks audio system. It’s a great way to catch live performances with premium sound. I can’t wait for my passenger (wife) to be able to stream a movie or Netflix show. The passenger is gonna love catching up on the latest binge.

For several years, and a few of my vehicles, I have purchased the Scosche magnetic system only from Walmart. I have also come to realize that Walmart also seems to always have them in stock usually along with various other Scosche systems like a vent clip-type mount. I have always used the fixed tape-on type system as shown in the picture.

Scosche Device Magnetic Mounting System

It uses some 3M brand tape so it never comes off from a smooth surface; though it doesn’t stick to any type of grainy or textured surface . . . we’ve tried, even using contact cement. The result is the mount eventually coming off and using a strong solvent like acetone to remove the glue residue. Not good.

This mounting system is made of plastic and uses four small magnets to give it a broad base to hold the adjoining device. The kit comes with two metal plates, one large and one smaller (they both used to be larger) with adequate surface area to hold even my new iPad in position without the iPad coming off when hitting bumps or ruts in the road.

I had purchased a different system made by Steelie. Another good system. The Steelie system sits about 1” lower to the dashboard mounting surface so it doesn’t give proper clearance over radio knobs and such, or adequate manipulation of the device as does the Scosche system so locating it becomes challenging. The Steelie has a smaller round mounting surface area so it fits into tighter clear spots than the 1” X 2” mounting surface for the Scosche system. Plus, despite the very strong globe magnet, the Steelie didn’t seem to hold the iPad in my selected position. It just kept drooping.

The Scosche system at Walmart costs about $13 and comes with two device flat metal plates; so you can use the mount for two cell phones, an iPad and a cell phone or just have a spare in case you screw up and affix the plate in the wrong spot on your phone. The Steelie system costs about $39 and seemed to only be available at The Home Depot. The picture above shows the Scosche metal plate be affixed or just sitting behind the phone protector, but I have had really good results mounting directly to the OtterBox cases I have been using. See the below picture.

Scosche Device Magnetic Mounting System

This particular Scosche magnetic mounting system is the best, for my application, I have found. I only give it πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† because I would like to have a taller (longer mounting arm) system that I don’t have to drill holes and still maintain a small and very secure footprint on the dash.


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