Sprint Store – San Marcos, CA

This chair can only mean one thing; I’m gonna spend money. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Sprint Store – San Marcos, CA

What started as an inquiry to an advertised special from Sprint, since I am an honorary Sprint card holder by now, turned into purchasing this nifty new IPad and upgrading my antique iPhone to a new 8+. Yes I know there is probably a new iPhone coming out again this Christmas as usual. I was still using an iPhone 6 and the battery was beginning to show its weakness. I was ready to get a new phone so I decided to dive in and face off the inevitable.

Initially hesitant about the whole transaction due to the anticipated breaking of the bank account, resulted in me only spending $91 before I left the store with two new devices. I also forgot that learning how to navigate and set up two devices could potentially end up with both of those devices going for a swim in the pool. Frustrating to say the least. I’m still battling the iCloud thing, as I now receive my wife’s personal texts to her coworkers.

I was greeted at this San Marcos Sprint store by three employees seemingly eager to help anyone…anything. The store was empty again. My last three trips to this same store has resulted in immediate attention with absolutely no wait. I’m chalking it all up to some very good luck.

Daniela helped me today and was very thorough in providing me with exceptional customer service. I was let down however by the available accessories available to me as part of the incentive. Everything I asked for, which are products I have used before or would have liked to try, we’re not available. I ended up with a couple of wireless chargers, screen protectors and a couple of good OtterBox cases. The cases are the only product I have used before and they have proved themselves over the years.

Now for the spending. Of course I asked Daniela of the charges multiple times with the threat of getting a lashing when I get home for the excessive spending, only to read the emailed receipts. Looks like I agreed to pay some $400 on the next bill. I figured it was gonna get me, just didn’t get me at the store.

Still learning and setting up the new devices. I should probably give them to my youngest child. I’m sure he would have them dialed in about an hour. So much for keeping up with the millennials.


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