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Having just installed new struts, I had to get the alignment done on my vehicle before I hit the road for a quick road trip. Nothing worse than driving a car misaligned for a long drive on straight roads. Hell, driving a misaligned car is just plain annoying no matter how straight or curved the road is, so I had to get ‘er done before I took off the next morning.

I had just left S&R Service Center after having Niko, the owner, install new KYB struts and shocks all around on my Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. I could tell the vehicle was riding remarkably perfect, but pulling to one side. Nearby was Evans Tire and I decided to stop through to see if I could get lucky and get right on the alignment rack. As I pulled in, I noticed the rack was empty but several cars were being serviced for various other things. I hoped for the best but had two other Evans Tire centers on the way home to have alternate options for getting the alignment work done.

Tony, the service writer, told me that it would take approximately two hours, and explained that each alignment took approximately 45 minutes and to give him a chance to get it done. I took my chances based on the knowledge of an empty rack. I took a short 15 minute walk and came back to notice my van was already on the rack. A sort 10 minute wait and my van was back off from the rack and I was again on my way. “That was fast”, I said to Tony.

The week before having my new shocks and struts installed I had the vehicle aligned because I had noticed that I already had nearly 40K miles on the tires, wanted to get them rebalanced and have the alignment checked. On the tire installation receipt I noticed that I had also purchased a 3 year alignment warranty that was due to expire in a month. I wanted to take advantage of the remaining opportunity and had the vehicle balanced and aligned. The Escondido Evans Tire location didn’t hesitate and provided the necessary service.

After getting my struts installed, and upon Niko’s recommendation, I swung by the nearest Evans Tire in Oceanside, and again without hesitation, I was provided hassle-free service because of my warranty. Now that’s service! Money well spent.

I have long used Evans Tire for tire replacement and alignment services and never been hassled. I used to purchase Evans Tire’s lifetime alignment package for my vehicles because I have long had 4X4s that I used for off-roading. It was always money well spent. They no longer offer the lifetime alignment service plan. I recommend purchasing their 3 year alignment plan because of the life expectancy of tires is around 3-4 years. You won’t be disappointed you spent the money. 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆


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