RedBox – Convenience in Gila Bend, AZ


Deciding to venture off of I-8 into Gila Bend, AZ in search of a new place to dine, we had passed the Dollar General at 951 E. Pima and I noticed a RedBox movie rental kiosk. And knowing they may have an additional selection of DVDs to chose from, other than the previously viewed selection of older movies from what the wife and I had loaded into the car before our trip, I had made a plan to backtrack the 1.5 miles, swing by the kiosk, and get back on the road from our initial entry into the ghost-like desert town.

We had stopped at the Space Age Restaurant for a quick bite and discussed our strategy. I had asked the server/greeter taking my money after dining, if she knew of another RedBox kiosk on the exit point before getting back on the highway. She was very informative and said, β€œyes, at the Circle K” located at 719 W. Pima just before the entrance to the highway at the West end of town.

Many of you readers may have already surpassed the DVD stage in your lives and moved on to live streaming in your car, but the old schoolers like us still spin the disk because that’s what our cars are equipped for. If so, then RedBox is not for you, but we continue to utilize the service as a regular means of getting caught up on the latest movie trends.

By the way, John Wick 3 educated me on where not to have knife fight.

Very convenient locations in Gila Bend.


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