Space Age Restaurant . . . and BAR!!! Gila Bend, AZ

Space Age Restaurant

If traveling along I-8, about 45 minutes West of the I-10 turn off from Tucson, a quick detour (about 2 miles) and convenient business loop through the town of Gila Bend, Arizona you’ll find a diner to get some hot breakfast and grill type foods away from the usual truck-stop doughnuts, Subway sandwiches or Taco Bell crispy tacos.

I was looking for any notion of something good to eat along our route. I surfed the internet, while it was still available, and stumbled across an article written in Sunset Magazine. I found Space Age Restaurant to be somewhat along the route and convinced the wife that I would take a recommendation from Sunset over Yelp reviews any day.

I wouldn’t say the food is something too worthy of writing about, nor the ambiance, decor or clientele. I would say the coffee was delicious, hot and served in some very cool mugs that sported the name Space Age Restaurant and some kind of a space-ship logo. I did note that those mugs were not the same mugs for sale at the checkout gift display near the exit. Much of the serviceware also sported a spaceship motif. I didn’t like the mugs that were for sale and I wasn’t in the mood for stuffing my once-served, never again filled mug of joe in my wife’s purse. My coffee never being refilled was the only service drawback of a rather quick delivery of our tasty omelet, stack of pancakes, light biscuits and glueless sausage gravy.

Decent, as were the portions, but nothing was standout. A very typical American diner with some nifty murals on the walls.

Space Age Restaurant was a nice little adventure as was gazing through the almost ghost-like business loop town of Gila Bend. We didn’t know about the bar initially. Perhaps a chance in the future may provide us with a much needed Bloody Mary some morning.

Look for the odd looking building along the drive into town and turn at the flying saucer on top. You’ll be happy to have something hot and fresh 🍆🍆🍆.


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