Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. A roadside treat.

🍆🍆🍆🍆 Needing to top off the gas tank and other reasons, we decided to grab something to help cool us down from the Yuma, AZ heat. Freddy’s helped on both fronts. Their frozen custard hit the spot.

Just off of I-8 and 16th Street/US-95 just East of the California/Arizona state line is a number of places to eat, a last chance to cheaply gas up the vehicle and stretch your legs . . . but not much shade. So I sat in the air conditioned car while the wife took a quick break along the travel back to San Diego.

We have tried the good and ‘different’ Steakburgers as a twist on just another burger, but we have never just stopped in to have frozen custard. Freddy’s doesn’t have 31 flavors to chose from but many custom combinations of custard and mixable additions. Sucking the small chunks of fresh fruit and cool custard from the large boba-style straw, that initially was a challenge, proved to be effective as a one-hander while the other hand was firmly on the steering wheel.

Next time we’ll order the large; there just wasn’t enough of the cool goodness, and not another Freddy’s along the immediate route, to last more than just a few desert exits.


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