The Steak Out – Sonoita, AZ. A steak place.

The Steak Out. Sonoita, AZ

I don’t want to say anything necessarily bad about this place, but when comparing it relatively to other steak places I can only give it πŸ†πŸ† . The beer was cold and the steak fries . . . were, despite some of the Yelp reviews, probably the best I have ever had. The fries had an β€˜aldente’ appeal to them with a simple, slightly crispy exterior. Unfortunately today, the steak fries were the highlight of our lunch.

I was leery of my wife ordering the steak sandwich, because I had anticipated what was served. Not a bad sandwich, but try chewing through a 3/4 inch sirloin between two 1/4 inch pieces of fancy white bread; doesn’t work no matter how you slice, or not slice it. The onion rings were tasty, but just rather ordinary. The ranch-style beans really lacked flavor that made them stand out as there was no coleslaw today, nor was I given an impression that the slaw is available any longer. The ranch dressing was not something I would order in a 2oz cup to take with me. The cat would probably enjoy the thin milkiness of that one, and the burger that my son ordered was nothing better than something you’d find at Jack’s place.

Service today at The Steak Out was good, however I was not necessarily amused by the Chef de Joir wearing a nose ring somewhat close to the size of the ring in the nose of the steer monument entering Sonoita. What are you gonna do with the limited employee selection pool.

Visit, enjoy and savor, but just don’t expect too much. Sonoita is a must visit, but eat before you get here.


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