Oh-Re-Ganno’s, or so it was called. Oregano’s is just a other place . . . for pizza.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

🍆🍆🍆 A nice Chicago style pie, meaty wings and a cold beer on the patio.

The Chicago pie does not quite hold up to other Chicago pies I have written about in the Tucson area, but it was still good and plentiful.

I wanted to smoke a cigar with my beer on the patio while waiting almost an hour for our deep-dish pizza, decent hot wings and lackluster garlic cheese bread to be prepared for taking out. I was chastised by the greeter/I think manager that I wasn’t “allowed to smoke out here”. Fine . . . I took my cigar, literally, another 5 feet outside of the gated drinking area to enjoy, walking back and forth between the allowable zone/no-zone areas.

A very nifty and trendy looking restaurant with an almost ‘Buca di Beppo‘ design and atmosphere. They did have some kind of jet-powered surfboard stuck to the ceiling above the bar, but nobody could tell me what it was.

Give it a try if nearby. Rather busy and crowded this Saturday evening. You won’t go away hungry, but maybe you’ll be able to find out what that thing was on the ceiling.


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