Riviera Roadhouse 🍆🍆 2011 Commercial Way Bullhead City, AZ

Riviera Roadhouse – Bullhead City, AZ

OK, so it really is nothing special from the outside; and when you show up here at 7pm on a Saturday night, and there’s literally my truck and another two cars in the entire lot, make for a sketchy kind of introduction.

I walked inside to a very empty bar with an “Olympic medalist” platform for a band stage, a couple of pool tables and a very well stocked bar. But it wasn’t until after about 30 minutes inside that I began to realize the charm of this quiet place. I think it’s just about what I need after a day along the river or just after having a day . . .

Beer was cold, and the World Series was on. I had great conversation with our host friends and all was good.

Nothing really special except I did say to our host, that this was a very relaxed place to get a drink and just talk.

Sometimes things in life are just simple.

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