Great Value – a Walmart generic brand . . . But sooo good!

Walmart Great Value brand Fudge Covered Marshmallow Cookies

While shopping at a Super Walmart, I needed to fill my cookie need. “Ah, the marshmallow fudge covered cookies”. “That’s what I want, right there”. There wasn’t another brand that I could find, and I’ve had Great Value products before. “These will work”, I said as I carefully perched them atop the filled shopping basket of stuff.

I know these are probably the worst thing for you, nutritionally speaking, but they are sooo good. The Great Value brand is exclusive to Walmart and relabeled from producers like ConAgra for use in Walmart stores. And knowing the demographic customer of Walmart, I can pretty much guarantee they are made without any of mother’s secret ingredients. Rather they are made with processed ingredients intended mostly for shelf life. But these are soo good.

I’ll probably take some flack from culinarians and foodies, like many I went to culinary school with, because they aren’t farm to table or the likes; but who cares? Certainly not I, as I try to eat all that is good for me, but much of the time I eat was is ‘good’; and these are sooo good.

The fudge coating hits the spot better than milk chocolate and makes a great dark chocolate substitute when it comes to the taste. The marshmallow is as soft as of it was just removed from the campfire skewer. And the cookie crumbles to the tooth just enough not to make much of a mess on the kitchen floor or bed sheets.

I give these cookies a full 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 because when your Grandkids gotta have one, it’s time for me to sneak my second. Don’t tell ‘em.


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