Mendocino Farms sandwich market.

Mendocino Farms sandwich market.

I was initially told “but don’t order the salads, they have a bunch of stuff that doesn’t belong in a salad”. So I ordered a couple of sandwiches that were complimentary from a grand opening of the Yoga 6 Bressi Ranch location.

We were initially alarmed by a very busy restaurant. The line to order was to the door this day because of the coupon promoting Mendocino Farms from the Grand Opening of the Yoga 6 in the same shopping center strip area. The line moved super fast and our greeter was very pleasant and identified us as not requiring a table, answered a couple of menu questions and swiftly moved us to the ordering station where we were given a beeper for our order.

We ordered the Original Pork Belly Banh Mi and A Sandwich Study of Heat (Turkey Avocado). The wife said, “very easy on the heat”.

We ordered our to go sandwiches because we just ate lunch somewhere else that day but decided to check Mendocino out because we had never eaten there before. When we got home and opened the bag later that evening. I noticed the receipt said, STUDY HEAT, Rustic White panini, EXTRA Jalapeño Relish. So they got the order wrong and my wife could not enjoy either of them because the Banh Mi has Jalapeños in it as it was very traditional other than the Banh Mi (bread).

Both sandwiches held up for a couple days as it took me that long to get through them in between eating regular meals or using a half sandwich at a time as part of a regular meal.

I enjoyed both sandwiches and had an opportunity to look at Mendocino Farms’ website to see that they maintain a philosophy of embracing the community and local businesses around them. My wife and I had initially questioned how they can support giving away so many sandwiches. Their business model kinda says it, embracing the community.

I liked the place and give them 🍆🍆🍆🍆. Not the best sandwich that I like, because I like a lot of different sandwiches from a variety of establishments, but certainly worth another visit. And I might also try one of their salads.


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