Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and $1 Taco. The matchup.

Burger King Impossible Whopper and $1 Dollar Taco

Since seeing the advertisements of Burger King’s Impossible Burger and $1 taco, I have been curious to see how the burger compares to the original Whopper and other Impossible burgers being offered on several vegan/vegetarian menus; and, as far fetched as it may seem, how the taco compares to the, not long ago, two tacos for a dollar at Jack in the Box (currently 2 for $1.49).

I’ll keep it simple. The $1 taco tastes rather similar to Jack in the Box’s, we’ve always called them ‘nasty tacos’, but with a couple of twists. First, the BK taco comes in a similar ‘pouch’ as the nasty ones when driving through Jack’s house; but the consistency and textures are more similar to Jack’s when dining in at Jack’s. Because when sitting at Jack’s table they aren’t served in the pouch. Rather they are more open faced and not all compressed in the pouch with all of the deep fat fryer grease (but they are sooo good). BK’s taco lacked the overall awesomeness that Jack has given our arteries over the ~50 years I have been consuming them. Jack still has that special little place in my heart. I only give BK’s taco 🍆 if comparing exclusively to Jack’s.

The Impossible Whopper tastes almost exactly like the original Whopper. Good, but not quite as good. I can only attribute it to the lack of beef fat that helps flavor the original. Otherwise the consistency is quite similar; but, unlike some of the other generally better food establishments serving the Impossible Foods brand burger, that have always asked how well I wanted it cooked, the Impossible Burger is plant-based. I have had the Impossible Burger rather rare to medium-well and the consistency changes. But it’s plant-based so there is almost no possibility of becoming ill from it being undercooked. BK’s version was cooked well done as all all of their burgers and so it maintained the same consistency as their original Whopper . . . just without the fatty element. I give the Impossible Whopper only 🍆🍆🍆 when comparing it exclusively to the original Whopper.

My wife researched the calorie and fat specifications on both the Impossible Whopper and the original Whopper and found them to be rather close. The Impossible Whopper only saves about 30 calories and only 6 grams of fat. Perhaps a little bad is better than a little more bad, especially if you aren’t a beef eater. I don’t have a problem with meat or beef products, so I’ll stick with the ~$5 original version vice spending nearly $8 for the Impossible plagiarist. The Impossible Whopper meal deal was over $10 for the regular size. Our meal today including the large fries, drink and two $1 tacos screeched past $14. Yikes!!!

The fries in the bag from Burger King today were excellent though.

I’ll stick with Jack in the Box.


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