Spins Coffee Truck. A highway Rockstar.

Spins Coffee Truck

Ted, the owner and purveyor of Spins Coffee Truck, not only rocks the local North County San Diego area with his band Sumbucks, but he has been known to make the winding roads nearby seem straight, and any straight road a bit more amusing.

I met Ted through a mutual friend Jimmie, of Cattle Call LLC music productions, at a nearby venue and have since learned that he had begun serving hot and cold beverages at 27930 Valley Center Road in Valley Center, CA in a manner that only locals and passer-throughs can only savor. Ahh, the taste of one of his specialty drinks, the Cattle Call LLC. “I’ll have one of those Ted”. He looked at me in a way that only insiders would understand.

Spins Coffee Truck

Spins Coffee Truck, their pastries, teas and full menu is available weekdays 6am-12:30 at the aforementioned location to help you unwind, or otherwise put a little Spin in your morning.

🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 Not a bad thing; but instead, a rockin’ way to start your day.



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