VA Health Care. You’re not getting what you paid for?

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Not quite sure why the continued complaining I hear about the VA and how bad Veterans are treated or handled.

I remember back years ago (2004) when I retired after 20 years of service in the Navy. I had listened and followed the recommendations from the separation advisors and other former colleagues I had served with. I registered with VA health care at the first opportunity. I had submitted my compensation package at the earliest chance; and, I had complained about everything that was medically wrong, or possibly medically wrong with me to the last military Doctor during my separation physical. Telling everything during the separation physical is important to mark any condition as being service related. A few basic things I always strongly recommend to any service member if I get to before they separate and transition to civilian life.

I have always been a strong advocate of the VA healthcare system and I use it as my primary medical care. I live in North San Diego County and have two clinics from which to choose. I also work down the road from the San Diego VA hospital in La Jolla. I choose the VA healthcare system before the military hospitals in the area because those are primarily for active duty members and their locations do not serve my need as well as the VA locations.

I have never had to wait more than about 10-15 minutes in any one of the VA facilities…ok once, and only once, I had waited about 45 minutes for an X-ray; but that was the exception and certainly not the rule. I keep all of my appointments, including completing my annual exams, or call to cancel in sufficient time. I order my meds via phone and they are delivered, free of charge, to my home. So what is the complaining about?

The complaining comes from those separated service members that either try to cheat or circumvent the system, or otherwise hadn’t filed their application forms when advised to do so.

All service members are advised upon their separation during a mandatory series of classes provided by the military. Many of those separating and attending oftentimes use the opportunity of attendance to not pay attention or otherwise disregard the information that is being delivered as just the same old, same old – crap the military constantly throws at service members as mandatory stuff. The separating military members would rather text their friends or surf the internet for the latest viral video or social media craze.

I was just yesterday contacted by the local clinic about needing to schedule my annual exam, have my blood drawn and give me a date for which I get to meet with a physician. My blood draw was already set up in the system and it took a total of about 10 minutes after I walked in the door. Yes, I actually got lucky today, because there was no one waiting ahead of me, but the lab process had never taken me more than 20 minutes from the time I entered the clinic door, been checked in and had three vials and a urine sample provided. Hoping I could pee enough urine took longer than the waiting time to be seen.

Stop complaining and take the steps necessary for your care and your compensation. It’s what you paid for as a military member and as a tax payer. It is what is due to you for your service.

If you’d like to talk with me about this or need any advice, contact me and I will gladly provide my story and my one-sided point of view; but I don’t want to hear you complain about something you were told to do. Trust me, I hear a lot of that after the service member has already transitioned.


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