Bumbleberry Flats 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 Laughlin, NV

Bumbleberry Flats – Laughlin, NV

I’m going to give these guys 5 stars in their own category of ‘breakfast’ places in Laughlin, NV since I’ve not had any other meals with them yet; and they have not yet disappointed.

I’m doing this review from my phone so it’ll probably be rather short.

I’ve been eating Laughlin breakfast here for several years. I always get the Wreckless  Sunday Brunch which is a very loaded, meal in itself, Bloody Mary; and it comes with its own 8oz tap beer. I get it because this is one, if not the only, restaurant that I frequent serving ‘chicken and waffle’ done really well. The flavors of the two combined with the syrup are phenomenal. I don’t know if their syrup is made in house, but our server told us ‘everything’ is made in house including all the different jams and jellies served with the Breakfast Bread Basket. Our snowbird friends very much enjoyed the Prime Rib Hash as I have in the past.

So many of their menu items are performed flawlessly each time we have visited. They were even open until 1am following a New Years celebration in the bar next door and one of the only OTHER bars in the area hosting live entertainment for our celebration. We were kinda looking forward to trying their late night menu.

Bumbleberry Flats for American Comfort Food in a “breakfast” category.

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