The Bearded Gentleman Pub & Grill 🍆🍆🍆 Bullhead City, AZ

The Bearded Gentleman – Bullhead City, AZ

Seemed to be a decent place with a sound following, but there was nothing about this place except for Jim, our server, and I think I was told he was the owner. Nice guy and he kept checking on things.

Food was nothing special . . . really, nothing special. I’m hoping the food was better for the other tables because what I had was not good. Not really even close to being good. I didn’t get sick, so I’ll give then 3 stars because of the service and the beer was cold. 20 handles and Jim seemed to know about the beers he was serving. I’m not a big beer guy (other than liking craft beer, period) so I just kind of looked at Jim with a blank look as he explained the inner workings of all the latest tapped concoctions.

Keeping things real here in Bullhead City. I’m still looking for the elusive ‘fine dining’ experience here in the Laughlin/Bullhead area. We are getting there; I mean, we are trying to go to all places possibly worth spending time on writing a review.

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