2 two watch

Just in case I happen to forget about you in the mean time, you need to watch Chef’s Table and Below Deck. Chef’s Table is a documentary series on Netflix. It is so inspirational. They share/showcase very top-level (5-star) chefs and their countries, their methods of cooking and their lives. If you’ve ever been to culinary school you would appreciate this. It’s incredibly inspiring. Below Deck … Continue reading 2 two watch

It’s a DECOY . . . beware! San Marcos, CA

  Sorry, I forgot that I had started something here . . . Having a bit of an insight as to the history of Decoy and the Lake San Marcos Lakehouse Resort area, which have all taken a significant upward swing since around 2014, I have come to realize another meaning of the American translation of the word “mediocre”. This was such a good entertaining time, I … Continue reading It’s a DECOY . . . beware! San Marcos, CA