The fittest survival tale –

Wondering if the year could possibly get any more complicated, any more intense or any more labor intensive. Yes this year has been rapidly screaming by because there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in each day that approaches. Before you know it, the sun is setting and again arising the following morning. At least I am allowed to wake and approach yet another day to attempt resolve with some of the most comprehensive issues having been dealt to me lately.

Having the desire to write remains with me. Having the time to write is difficult. Having a workstation to write is another story completely. Activities in my life have engulfed almost every opportunity to get my stories out, or the activities have consumed me enough to diminish the desire to write when I actually have the time to accomplish the task. I have plenty of stories that I have either started, taken pictures for or have notes in my phone or my head; but having the correct frame of mind to spew words on the computer screen seems to evade me. I either have the time to write, but lack the desire; or, I have the desire to write, but lack the time. I don’t think it’s a writer’s block, rather a block that gives me excuse to not write.

There are several stories that I am working on. There are several reviews I am working on (some very positive); and there are life stories and more about family that have to be shared.

Please bear with me while I continue to travel the western states, the North San Diego County and other parts of the nation trying new things, foods and the wife’s patience. Looks like I’ll be traveling back to Oklahoma for another peek. I’ll be traveling to the San Francisco Bay area again and traveling with only my son. I have watched some performers that were all very good; I hope to watch more.

Stick with me folks for I have not surrendered. I have just found way too much in life requires immediate attention on more of a recurring basis.

Hopefully this will all slow down so I can share what is in my garden!

But I did run into this very cool t-shirt my brother had made for me.




6 thoughts on “The fittest survival tale –

  1. Dude I get it..I am in your corner..this whole month is done ..Maybe next month…Chris from north county food. Love this you write like me stream of thought:)

    1. Lets grab lunch in Oceanside on me in May

      1. Ha Ha, that’s what I’m talking about. May is already packed, but we’ll slip it in gently while no-one is looking.

        Thanks for watching Chris.


    2. We need to meet for a beer sometime soon!

  2. Always happy to have you in Oklahoma!

    1. Looking forward to the trip again. We’re actually flying into Wichita Falls and driving up to Lawton. I have one restaurant I want to search for in Lawton (don’t remember the name); and other than that, I hope to have similar experiences as the last trip.

      See you then.


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