Partake – Downtown Vista, CA

“Why is everyone laughing?” That’s what I want to know; just why IS everyone laughing? I mentioned to the server that was holding my two plates in her hand while she propped the kitchen door open and speaking to the other folks inside the kitchen. “Why’s everyone laughing?”, she asks. I tell the arriving server, “Please don’t stand in the kitchen door with my plates in your hand … Continue reading Partake – Downtown Vista, CA

A cheap date at a Holiday Inn.

I wanted you to understand what it means to provide someone with an exceptional customer experience, and I wasn’t necessarily the customer. I had recently written this letter to the General Manager of the Oceanside, CA Holiday Inn (Oceanside Marina). I hope this makes it to the GM. I just wanted to take a moment to recognize one of your employees, Mr. J—– B—; and I’m sorry … Continue reading A cheap date at a Holiday Inn.