Anthony Cullins and The Vigilantes – Another Cattle Call L.L.C. production.

A spot-on guitarist named Anthony Cullins and his band, The Vigilantes,  presented a very talented cover of blues genre to North San Diego County. This time they brought it to The Gopher Hole and “The Fallbrook Kid” allowed his very roots-soul-inspired drummer and bassist to help seal the deal that night as Anthony enthralled the guests with his very skillful guitar licks.anthony1

I had a feeling we were going to be in for a good show and that was what was delivered, having already watched his videos on You Tube .  At one point during the show I had just asked  Jimmie from Cattle Call L.L.C, the musical events production company that offered up this kid for the crowd Friday night; whether The Fallbrook Kid, being from an area very close to the beaches in North San Diego, would know any surf music. Just as that moment had passed the Vigilantes broke into a Dick Dale tune that finally ended with The Ventures. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

Jimmie Cline6I didn’t really get a chance to talk with Anthony that evening; probably because his parents and other supporters were there, and numerous guests were begging a moment with him between all of the photos and videos they were taking of this local talent. I’m sure no one in that audience would suggest anything different except to see this local kid have an opportunity in the musical performing arts for his future. This kid was that good. But let’s not also rule out the Vigilantes’ ability to anticipate song endings and changes in each other’s playing style that seemed to create one continuous blend of songs that had everyone in that venue talking about “The Kid”. I’ve never witnessed a crowd here at this venue to be watching, and rockin’, as they were, to this show tonight as a very good applause, whistles and hollers were witnessed after each song. No matter what folks were doing, they kept an ear and an eye on this kid. Even the servers kept saying what a talent was brought here tonight. Jimmie was smug this evening sporting his fresh fedora.

The Vigilantes are collectively two older guys that play behind Anthony and one of two harmonica players that periodically joined in from the crowd. And they are no slouches either, each playing the harp well. The drummer was especially good. He and Anthony play at a different level than the other musicians here tonight. Even my son made an unprompted comment to me about the drummer as well. The drummer was even given an opportunity to break into a solo now and then, but was artistically creative enough throughout the show that it all just appeared seamless.  The sound they brought with them was audibly perfect for their music, it had just the right punch that brought this band together with the crowd. You can tell The Vigilantes were having a good time. They all work together very well. But, maybe it’s time that Anthony moves on.

anthony2Anthony Cullins is at an age now that he could break into something much larger if placed with other creative artists that Jimmie knows.  Jimmie is known for working with artists, and he heavily promotes them, that write original music. Even in the local area, Jimmie knows several that could help this young artist blossom into an original artist phenom that seemed warranted here tonight. Maybe even dragging a couple of those other artists that play cover songs very well. Hell, it’s only the blues. Perhaps he’s looking as well. He gave me his business card upon my departure. Looking for gigs? Or, looking for a gig?

So bottom line is; if you didn’t have an opportunity yet to see this young guitarist from the local area, you may have missed your chance. The next time you’ll hear about him could be on the radio . . . ; or does that even exist anymore?







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