The live performance – Americana music. Their acts keep getting bigger. 

Working with bands and performers such as Michele Malone, Ruby Boots (Australia), Beth Wood, The Moves, The Liquorsmiths, Red Raucous (Britain), Jackie Vinson, Kathleen Grace, Rod Melancon, Carlos Olmeda, Brennen Leigh, Noel McKay, Christine Parker, Sara Petite & The Sugar Daddies, Lexington Field, Podunk Nowhere, The Sickstring Outlaws, Ashleigh Flynn, Jill Jack, Alice Wallace, Black Market III, Sierra West, Cleopatra Degher, Viva Apollo, Dropjoy, The New Rich, Jon Ji, 22 Kings, Dusty and the LoveNotes, Brothers Reed, Angela Easterling, Jack City Blues band, The Saltlickers, The Sumbucks, Hiedi and the Hurricane, The Band Red, Not 4 Hire, Bad Motor Posse, 760, Classic Vinyl, Shuda Cuda Wuda,  Mohavisoul,  Christy Hays, Amy Gerhartz, Kelley McRae, Jackie Venson, The Division Men and Rod Melancon just to name a few; Cattle Call L.L.C. brings some of the richest sounding original and most versatile musical acts to North San Diego County.

In the next several days and weeks throughout this holiday season, you can also witness performers like Rick Elliot and The Secondhand Smoke Band (11/25/2016), The Fallbrook Vigilantes – feat, The Fallbrook Kid (12/4/2016), Calico The Band (12/11/2016) and Brian Whelan (11/12/2016) on stages like The Ramona Mainstage, Two World’s Connect House in Valley Center, CA and most commonly The Gopher Hole at The Castle Creek Country Club where Cattle Call has introduced the largest sum of the listed bands. Cattle Call has also established a following of their world class acts on stages at Bates Nut Farm, Julian Station, on stages in Long Beach, CA and even the popular musical events locations of Adams Avenue in San Diego. Cattle Call continues to quest their ventures throughout much of the Southern California region with future planning to host eclectic events in areas of Orange County, CA throughout the 2016 calendar year.

Cattle Call has been working closely with the Events Director of The Gopher Hole at Castle Creek Country Club and some of the local band members to expand the musical venue at that location, to include a stage overlooking the greens of the popular public golf course with hopes of kicking off the 2016 Summer season with outdoor afternoon musical events to sip a cocktail and enjoy some special menu features they have become popular for. These events have made The Gopher Hole THE destination for Americana artists and guests seeking to find and listen to original musical with an atmosphere that is quickly becoming the choice for entertainment.

Jimmie Cline1The Gopher Hole at The Castle Creek Country Club is strategically located just off the I-15 freeway and just 3 minutes from the Gopher Canyon Rd./Old Castle Rd just off Old Hwy 395/Champagne Blvd. It is just a moments walk from the popular Tuscany Hills Resort. The Gopher Hole features a family-popular menu of burgers, sandwiches and appetizers along with a very popular 20-handle rotating tap handle menu of the best and desired craft beers that are continually growing in the North San Diego region. Cattle Call continues to host these events at this venue as it continues to rise in popularity with these entertainers arriving here almost weekly.

Jimmie Cline3Cattle Call and owner Jimmie Cline continues to seek out these original artists that have become synonymous with Cattle Call and the Americana music scene. Jimmie does this by his belief in collaborating with and maintaining relationships with these artists and pursuing a growing list of continued networking and hard work. Jimmie believes the artists should be allowed to continue to be artists and let Jimmie set the stage and bring the guests to these venues. Jimmie builds his network of friends and colleagues wherever he goes and will continue to do so well into the future as long as Americana is a musical choice of those seeking to stay right here at home in Southern California.





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