Anthony Cullins and The Vigilantes – Another Cattle Call L.L.C. production.

A spot-on guitarist named Anthony Cullins and his band, The Vigilantes,  presented a very talented cover of blues genre to North San Diego County. This time they brought it to The Gopher Hole and “The Fallbrook Kid” allowed his very roots-soul-inspired drummer and bassist to help seal the deal that night as Anthony enthralled the guests with his very skillful guitar licks. […]

The live performance – Americana music. Their acts keep getting bigger. 

Working with bands and performers such as Michele Malone, Ruby Boots (Australia), Beth Wood, The Moves, The Liquorsmiths, Red Raucous (Britain), Jackie Vinson, Kathleen Grace, Rod Melancon, Carlos Olmeda, Brennen Leigh, Noel McKay, Christine Parker, Sara Petite & The Sugar Daddies, Lexington Field, Podunk Nowhere, The Sickstring Outlaws, Ashleigh Flynn, Jill Jack, Alice Wallace, Black Market III, […]

Adelle – Now that’s a dish . . . “like napalm in the morning”

Relax everyone – I’m not going where you think I’m heading. I am hopefully about to grab your senses and your emotions and tear you down, drag you through the gutter, pick you up, wipe you off and build you back up. Ok, I may not do all of that; but, when you speak of music perfected […]